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Institutional Investors & Emerging Managers

With its deep understanding of the Institutional Investment marketplace and the needs of Institutional Investors, Mosaic can provide assistance in a number of different ways:

Manager identification, evaluation and selection A particular emphasis on emerging and alternative managers acting either in a fund-of-funds or underlying capacity;
Equity and fixed income broker identification and evaluation Including development of processes to both collect information to improve institutional decision making and improve access and communication with those brokers who could be overlooked with a traditional RFI/RFP process.
Institution-specific projects Such as assisting with candidate recruiting and evaluation, development of internal business plans, organizational assessments and the like.


Manager Identification, Evaluation and Screening

There are three overriding hallmarks that distinguish Mosaic managers:

  Applying a conservative process to each investment
  Having the sophistication and perspective to understand, and the investment knowledge, service and performance expectations of instiutional investors
  Having the capabiilties to deliver upon these expectations

Mosaic managers have the ability and knowledge to generate superior returns but recognize that preservation of capital is paramount for most institutional investors.

Please review The Mosaic Approach to learn more about our manager review process, investment strategies and
Special Services for Institutional Investors.

Benefits of Alternative Investments for Institutional Investors summarizes the factors that should be considered with these investments and the related manager selection process.


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