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Mosaic's Perspective on Selecting Institutional Brokers

Mosaic considers a number of factors in the selection of Institutional Brokers including:

Equity brokers with an agency relationship often have different aptitudes for different types of trades (e.g., size of trade, type of trade, type of instrument, cap size, etc.).  Selecting brokers with “sweet spots” that are aligned with an institution’s or underlying manager’s trading needs (and then allocating trades appropriately) can make a significant difference in portfolio performance.
Is the firm proactive about identifying and rapidly resolving trade problems – both equity and fixed income - or do they have an inordinate level of “fails”?
How many agency brokers does your organization need to have sufficient specialization and still get high service levels?
Are you and your managers getting the trading support that is needed including: research, market intelligence and color, trading ideas, etc.?
If you are committed to using diversity brokers, are you receiving comparable performance and levels of service from both diversity and majority firms?


It has been our experience that these questions are not asked often enough or in sufficient detail.  We also recognize that there is no right answer for everyone – different institutions have different needs. 

Please recognize that while we are well-known for a certain process, we fully recognize that a different process may be more appropriate for your needs – one size fits all has no more applicability for broker selection processes that it does for actual broker selection decisions.


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