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Mosaic seeks to align with emerging alternative asset management organizations that manage private equity, private equity-real estate, hedge funds and other non-traditional asset portfolios.

We offer the following services for management organizations that we consider having high potential to expand their business with institutional investors:        

Gears Side-By-Side Teamwork
  Management Consulting
  Product Consulting
  Marketing and Sales Strategy


Each of these services is tailored to the asset management organization reflecting its unique needs, its products and potential to leverage its current brand and client relationships. We partner with the firmís principals and portfolio team to assess organizational, business, product and marketing issues to develop growth strategies.

It is our belief that through consulting, we assist our clients to develop or enhance their institutional readiness and compete more effectively for institutional investment mandates.  Our approach is designed to provide opportunities for emerging managers to build their own brands, which is why Mosaic focuses heavily on identifying and coaching promising managers as well as facilitating contact with sophisticated investors.

Mosaic Model for Emerging Managers

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