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The Mosaic Approach

Mosaic managers successfully meet the diverse needs of institutional investors.  We seek managers that apply a conservative process to each investment.   Mosaic managers deliver superior returns, but recognize that preservation of capital is paramount with most global investors. The identification and qualification process for selecting non-traditional managers can be cumbersome for investors. 

Mosaic considers a number of factors in the manager selection process such as:

Investment philosophy and approach

In addition to verified results over a reasonable time frame, Mosaic also delves into the rationale behind the specific investment decisions that were made.  This rationale begins by understanding the investment
decision-maker’s view of the world and how it evolves as the investment climate shifts.  Implicit in this view is an assessment of their passion for investing – Mosaic is seeking highly motivated managers who view investing as much more than just running money.


Stability of the organization

Gifted investment managers can be highly mobile individuals.  In addition to seeking organizations with a proven approach, Mosaic also needs to know that there is a measure of stability and equity, so that the investment managers who created the track record continue to be the decision-makers.


Investment priorities

Mosaic looks for organizations whose culture is sensitive to placing investor interests above individual interests.  At the same time Mosaic values managers with the confidence to invest along side their clients.

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